MISSION STATMENT: We strive to live and love like Jesus through worship, evangelism, discipleship, fellowship, and ministry. We are a multi-generational, all-inclusive church.

VISION:  To build a family of devoted followers of Christ that worships God, shares Christ’s love, and minsters to each other and to the community.


Bible Centered Preaching/Teaching: We strive to teach God’s Word with integrity and authority so seekers find Christ and believers mature in Him.

Worship through Music: We desire to acknowledge and glorify God’s supreme value and worth in our worship through music, which brings the worshiper into a life-changing, dynamic experience in the living God.

Warm Fellowship: We value mutual care for one another and strive to love and serve one another out of reverence for Christ and to maintain harmony through acceptance and forgiveness.

Godly Servant Leadership: We value Christ’s model for ministry and leadership that is the role of a servant and expect servant-oriented leadership to be the goal of all who serve our church in leadership.

Giving/Tithing: We value our responsibility to be faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to us and we will give willingly and generously to build God’s kingdom.

Intercessory Prayer: We believe that the attitude and action of prayer are essential to everything we do.

Faithful Service: We encourage all members to discover, develop, and apply their God-given gifts in serving and building up others.

Lost People: We believe lost people matter to God; and therefore, we will share the good news of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ with everyone through our words and deeds.

The Poor: We are God’s extended hands. We purpose, with vision and servant leadership, to increasingly learn to minister directly to the poor.

The Disenfranchised: We value all people and actively reach out to help each person find a place where they feel they belong in God’s family.

Creativity and Innovation: The Bible does not tell us to use only certain styles of music or to present our message only through words. The Bible does make it clear, however, that we are to find ways to effectively bring the message “into all the world” in order to make disciples. We believe this will require careful scrutiny of everything we do – new practices and old – and a willingness to change when necessary within biblical parameters, in order that we, “by all possible means might save some.”

Age-Group Ministries: We will strive to maintain age-group classes and ministries for all age groups, nursery through senior-adults. Our goal is to raise passionate followers of Christ.

Strong Families: God instituted the family as a place to experience an authentic loving community where family members are accepted, supported, mentored, and led to follow Jesus.